Thursday, February 7, 2008

Froose juice!

I participate with a great website called MomCentral. They're constantly offering new and exciting products for me to try and the latest product is an all natural, ORGANIC (yes its really organic) juice called Froose. It's juice in a juice box which I normally do not buy because its to sweet and the sugar content isn't worth it but this juice is GREAT! I tried it and loved it and I am not and have never been a huge juice drinker. I have been giving my daughter the Cherry and Pear flavors because the Peach is my favorite and tastes the best!And my daughter, who is like me, doesn't really like juice, but she has been asking for it with lunch after school instead of asking for soda! Even my kids who I watch after school like it and they're a bunch of soda guzzling kiddos like I've never seen.
Froose contains no high fructose corn syrup which is normally the first ingredient listed in juice. The sugar it contains is made from organic brown rice syrup (who knew brown rice could be so sweet!) Plus it is only 80 calories! Most juice pouches contain over a hundred calories.
I am definately picking this yummy juice up at the store, it would be a great add to smoothies or even fun to make juice popsicles out of this summer.
I suggest that everyone try Froose (especially the peach if you likes peaches!) because it is definately a good tasting alternative to the highly sugared juices out there and you and your kids will love it!

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